Bianca Santini

Bianca Santini

Bianca Santini earned her degree Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Communications from Villanova University in 2014. There her passion for events bloomed as her involvement in the Campus Activities Team grew.  She left Villanova with an understanding of how to manage events as big and complex as concerts and homecoming to events as intimate as a Presidential Scholarship Dinner.    

Bianca took her experience on to work with Martiz Travel coordinating Pharmaceutical conferences and meetings. This experience allowed her to develop her negotiating skills being that the clients had strict budget requirements. Her connections and frequent interaction with hotels led her to an opportunity with the Marriott Downtown Philadelphia. The Marriott provided Bianca the ‘behind the scenes’ experience with hotels and the event/room sales structure. 

Bianca took her experience, creativity, passion and intuition to start her first company, Santini Communications, in March 2017. It began as a favor for a friend in need of social media marketing for her clinic. From there it evolved into a business concept that features her communication skills. Santini Communications offers Meeting/Event Planning, Marketing/Creative Consulting and Execution, Organizational Communication Consulting and Execution & Life Coaching services. Since starting Bianca has planned a wedding, developed multiple logos and marketing materials, launched a cafĂ© and set the marketing structure for a local semi-pro football team. She is currently consulting Coa Catering, a small catering company,  on operational and marketing processes. 

Bianca Santini spends her free time with her son and on various creative projects including drawing and singing. Bianca enjoys Tarot Cards and Astrology. She offers Tarot Card readings for groups and corporate events. 


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