SPiN Philadelphia

SPiN, an international network of ping pong social clubs co-founded by Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, provides consumers with an alternative to the status quo and an outlet for those who prefer to share experiences with others. From a culture that bred surfing and skateboarding, ping pong offers the element of accessibility to players of all ages, gender or skill to have the opportunity to participate, capturing the juxtaposition of sport and the atmosphere of a night on the town.   SPiN venues offer professional Olympic ping pong tables, VIP private ping pong lounge space, full-service catering and bar service, on-site event sales planners or as we like to say, ping pong provocateurs to handle every detail in your event planning.  We also offer access to professional ping pong players to enhance any event experience, organize tournaments or simply for instructional lessons. Click here for more information about private events with SPiN!

To plan your next event, contact Nicole R. Morgenstern, Director of Sales, SPiN Philadelphia 
[talk]: +1 (484) 919-6027 
[walk]: 211 South 15th St. (15th & Walnut) 
[surf]: wearespin.com [follow]: @wearespin [video]: #WEARESPiN VIDEO


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